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      26″ x 2.3″ Humptulips Ridge TC Tire

      $ 78.00 Excl. tax Please call for availability
      Our revolutionary dual-purpose knobbies in a 26″ version. Humptulips Ridge, the place that inspired these tires, is at the southern edge of the remote Olympic Mountains.... Show more
      4 variations Color : Standard Tan

      Product description

      A beautiful narrow gravel road climbs one side of the ridge, then descends the other, in an otherworldly loop that ranks among the best riding experiences anywhere.

      The Humptulips Ridge grips like a knobby when conditions get tough. On pavement, it rolls like a slick tire thanks to its large and strategically placed knobs that don’t squirm and always put the same amount of rubber on the road.

      The Standard casing is our more affordable option: comfortable and fast, yet also strong to withstand considerable abuse. The Extralight casing takes the performance, comfort and feel of your bike to an entirely new level. The Endurance casing is reinforced for extra sidewall protection and puncture resistance, while retaining the speed and comfort for which Rene Herse tires are famous. The Endurance Plus casing provides the ultimate in sidewall protection for extremely tough conditions.


      All models feature:

      • Clincher, folding bead
      • Tubeless-compatible
      • Maximum pressure with tubes: 55 psi (3.8 bar)
      • Maximum recommended pressure – tubeless: 55 psi (3.8 bar)
      • Actual width on 20 mm rim (internal): approx. 52 mm
      • Actual width on 23 mm rim (internal): approx. 53 mm
      • Extralight casing: +1 mm width
      • Tubeless: +0.5 mm width
      • Recommended rim: 17 - 39 mm (inner width; hookless: +1 mm)
      • Made in Japan

      Standard casing

      • Supple casing
      • Tan sidewalls
      • 525 g

      Extralight casing

      • Ultra-light, ultra-supple casing
      • Ttan sidewalls
      • 490 g

      Endurance casing

      • The same ultra-fine threads as our Extralight casing, but in a denser, stronger weave
      • Protective belt under sidewalls and tread
      • Ideal for rough gravel and tough conditions
      • Dark tan sidewalls
      • 585 g

      Endurance Plus casing

      • Extra-tough casing with ultra-strong threads
      • Protective belt under sidewalls and tread
      • The ultimate in sidewall protection
      • Dark tan sidewalls
      • 610 g
      26″ x 2.3″ Humptulips Ridge TC Tire
      $ 78.00
      Excl. tax
      26″ x 2.3″ Humptulips Ridge TC Tire
      Color : Standard Tan
      Please call for availability
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