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      Kevin Talley - Friday 1 February 2021

      Introducing Ben Verdugo to the Grizzly Cycles ambassador program!

      Grizzly Cycles is beyond stoked to officially welcome Ben Verdugo to the Grizzly Cycles Ambassador program. Ben is 24 Years old and resides in Lake Isabella, CA. When Ben isn't riding hes digging and when he isn't digging hes absolutely sending it! Check him out on his local test track piloting the brand new Kona Bikes Process X DL!


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      (Ben on his Kona Operator CR/DL)

      Unfortunately sometimes things don't go as planned and filming got cut short. We want to wish Ben a quick recovery and can't wait to see him get back to doing what he does best!

      Video - Einstein Visuals

      Photos - Jeff Witthans

      Music - Lionheart - Hail mary

      Rider - Ben Verdugo

      Stay Stoked and check out our latest blog post!

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