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      ChainBoost Wet Chain Lubricant 4oz (120ml) Drip

      $ 9.99 Excl. tax 1-2 Business days
      WPL Wet Chain Lube is a premium bio-based chain lube providing efficient pedalling and long lasting performance to cyclists of all disciplines. Formulated specifically for wet conditions and long-distance riding, proprietary EmulsifiteTM technology allows... Show more

      Product description



      • Premium bio-based formula made with natural ingredients
      • EmulsifiteTM technology provides dynamic cleaning abilities and prevents black goop build-up
      • Long-lasting formula improves pedal efficiency by reducing chain wear and friction
      • For use on bicycle chains, shifters, derailleurs and cables
      • Biodegradable, non-toxic, PTFE-free formula is environmentally friendly
      • Made in Canada

      Directions For Use


      1. 1. Clean chain with WPL Bio-Solvent Degreaser.
      2. 2. Apply lube to inside links of chain.
      3. 3. Wipe away excess lube.
      4. 4. Upon dirt build-up, spray chain with water to activate EmulsifiteTM technology.
      5. 5. Enjoy clean chain and re-apply lube.
      ChainBoost Wet Chain Lubricant 4oz (120ml) Drip
      $ 9.99
      Excl. tax
      ChainBoost Wet Chain Lubricant 4oz (120ml) Drip
      1-2 Business days
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