As we close out 2019...

As we close out 2019 I just want to take a moment and say Thank You to everyone who has given Grizzly Cycles a chance. We’ve had our ups and downs but you have stood by our side to help us get where we are today.

As we roll into 2020 it marks the start of our 4th year in business. What started as a bike nerds dream with a Van and some tools has shaped into Bakersfield best bike shop. I want to take a second and introduce our crew. From left to right we have Aaron Sanchez, he came into the shop to buy his first mountain bike from us and has turned into one of my best friends who is eager to help you with your bike needs. Next up is me Kevin, yep I’m the bike nerd who started this business and am amazed every day that you guys and gals let my shop stoke your needs! Then we have Priscilla, she is the real back bone to the shop. Making sure all of us stay in line and get stuff done. Without her I don’t think I’d be here today because I get super distracted by all your rad shonky bike parts! Many of you know Sam Welch. He’s been helping in the shop the last few months and we decided to make it official and bring him on board to turn wrenches and become Bakersfields next bike mechanic...oh and he rips on the trails too! Last but not least we have the young gun Jenner Hutson. He is one of the most respectful, willing to learn and happy kids I’ve ever met! I am so stoked to have him not only on the sales team but turning wrenches as well.

All in all I couldn't be happier with what the shop has become over the last 3 years and look forward to spending the time with my crew and helping them grow

Our goal is to make the bike shop great again and with your help I don’t think

that’s going to be to hard! Again, Thank You for everything and let’s go out for a rip 🤙


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