Will the SDG Tellis Dropper post last?!

So the last piece to the Honzo build was finding a dropper that was a hair longer than 150 without breaking the bank because at the end of the day I am just like you when it comes to buying parts. I want something that is going to last and not break the bank. After scouring the inter webs and talking to various industry friends I decided on the @sdgcomponents tellis dropper post. Looking at the specs it almost seemed to good to be true. At $269msrp and available in 100,125 150 and 170mm drop options it almost seems too good to be true. Im a believer if that I wouldn’t put it on my bike I can’t recommend it. So here I am putting it to the test. Initial impressions are good. Took about 20 minutes to install, smooth as butter and the 1x style lever has a very light action. Let’s put it to the test over the winter season and see how it holds up! But coming from SDG I have no doubt it’s going to be solid.


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