ForkBoost Bike Suspension Lubricant (120ml): An instant bicycle suspension performance booster. WPL ForkBoost lubricates and cleans bicycle suspension seals to eliminate stiction, remove dirt, and lengthen lifetime of the seal. Apply ForkBoost externally to the dust seals of bike suspension by coating the stanchion, pumping the suspension, and wiping away extracted dirt. ForkBoost is fully compatible with rubber and rubber derivatives, causing no risk of damage to the seals, seal swelling or cracking. Use ForkBoost internally during fork rebuilds, to soak foam seals and cut grease to specified thickness.

WPL ForkBoost Lubricant

    • Premium bio-based formula made with natural ingredients
    • Biodegradable, non-toxic, PTFE-Free formula
    • Cleans and lubricants bike suspension seals
    • Removes unwanted dirt and contaminants from suspension seals
    • Apply externally to dust seals to lengthen seal lifetime
    • Made in Canada
  • 1. Spread ForkBoost around base of fork stanchions.
    2. Pump suspension up and down.
    3. Wipe away extracted dirt and excess lube with rag.

    Does not induce seal swelling or cracking.
    Use during fork rebuilds to soak foam seals and cut grease to preferred thickness.

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