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      Water Bottle

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      3 variations Color : Catch Up

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      Ketchup? Catsup? This Purist water bottle with MoFlo cap resists stains and tastes better. You can dispense just about anything you want, but water seems like an obvious choice. One of the best things about a long, long ride is stuffing your face with food at the end of it. Usually we do our best to eat pretty healthy foods, but sometimes the quiet diner stuck off in the middle of nowhere enchants like a serendipitous Siren. Why resist? That burger and fries carries a little heavy up the next couple hills, but stay hydrated and you’ll make it.

      Catch Up Water Bottle


      A sunny day under blue skies over open roads. Tacky, sultry singletrack rolling through pine fresh redwoods... Easy open air can be heavenly, but the transcendental meditation achieved under hellish duress is particularly potent. Just don't forget to hydrate.


      Must Go Hard Water Bottle


      A ton of receiving comes with every drop of giving we put into our rides—whether riding across the city for a meeting or in the middle of a lonely century. Breathe in. Breathe out. Drink up.


      Relish Your Ride Water Bottle

      Water Bottle
      $ 12.00
      Excl. tax
      Water Bottle
      Color : Catch Up
      Please call for availability
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