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      WTB Horizon

      $ 59.95 Excl. tax Please call for availability
      This high-volume 650b tire pairs an all-weather herringbone pattern with parallel grooves to improve cornering traction on crumbling tarmac and increase comfort on hardpack.... Show more
      2 variations Color : Black

      Product description

      The Horizon provides deceivingly svelte performance on pavement, with resilience that isn’t shaken by chasing confidants down dusty roads. The Horizon creates a new riding experience, regardless of where your exploits lead you.

      It's nice to have options, which is why most of our gravel tires are available with either black or tan sidewalls. Traditional black sidewalls tend to blend in with the components and wheels of a bike and may look sleeker in the eyes of some riders. WTB tanwall tires blend retroesque looks with modern technology to create an iconic look that has become synonymous with high-performance gravel. Looks aside, gram counters may choose our tan tires because the compounds used to make them are slightly lighter than those used to manufacture black sidewalls.


      *WTB's tire pressure recommendations have changed over time due to further developments in technology. Riders may always reference the markings on their tires for allowed pressures ranges, but may also consult for the most up-to-date tire pressure recommendations from WTB. We calculate pressure recommendations based on an average rider weight of 160-180 lbs and suggest increasing our minimum recommended

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      WTB Horizon
      $ 59.95
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      WTB Horizon
      Color : Black
      Please call for availability
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