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Service Page

We're Here for All Cyclists and All Bikes

When you bring your bike to Grizzly Cycles for repair, we will deliver a thorough assessment, accurate estimate, and reliable completion of all service. With our "open kitchen" style service center, you can talk with our experienced technicians and learn about your bike while we work. When your bike is being serviced at Grizzly Cycles, it's in good hands.

Preventative care is the best policy for the best performance. Choose from our comprehensive service packages for the best overall value. We also offer a complete menu of a la carte repairs to address your individual needs. We’ll work with you to understand your needs and diagnose your issues. As always, assessment and estimates are free and performed while you wait. We will inform you by phone, email or text message when your service is complete.


Service Appointments

Please bring your bike in for a complete assessment at the shop. A service tech will let you know on the spot what date to drop off your bike as well as the date you can pick it back up. Please note that we will not be accepting appointments through email or phone calls moving forward. Thank you.

Due to limited space, we ask that you pick up your bike as soon as your service is complete. Thank you!

Pre-Ride Check up

Services Include:
-Lube Drivetrain
-Minor Gear Adjustments
-Minor brake adjustments
-Nut & bolt Check
-Measure Chain & Wear Items
-Wipe down of bike.

*Parts and Installation labor is extra*

Post-Ride Check Up

Services Include:
-Lube Drivetrain
-Gear adjustments
-Brake adjustments
-Nut & bolt Check
-Measure Chain & Wear Items
-Wipe down of bike
-Deep Cleaning of Drivetrain
-Bearing Adjustments
-Wheel Truing,
-Recommendations on Replacing worn parts

*Parts /Install Labor Extra*

The Tune-Up

Services Include:
-Lube Drivetrain
-Major gear Adjustments(straightening of derailleur hanger included)
-Major brake adjustments(Brake bleed for Hydraulic brakes)*Fluid is an additional cost*
-Nut & bolt Check
-Measure Chain & Wear Items
-Deep Clean & Wax Frame,
-Pull & Clean Drivetrain,
-Bearing Adjustments
-Wheel Truing
-Recommendations on Replacing worn parts
-Installation of new parts & Accessories

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Warranty Processing 

The fee for initiating all warranty requests and insurance estimates is $40.00 (this fee may be waived within one year of purchase if the bike was acquired at Grizzly Cycles.)

Most warranties are limited to original owners only. Proof of purchase may be required

Labor to install warranty parts will be charged at the hourly rate.

*Prices are an estimate and may vary*


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