23 Jan 2024

Meet The Team: Kevin

Meet The Team: Kevin

The Driving Force Behind Grizzly Cycles. In the world of cycling, there are individuals who go beyond the traditional role of a business owner. They become ambassadors of the sport, spreading their passion and knowledge to create a thriving biking community. Meet Kevin, one of the owners of Grizzly Cycles, whose unwavering enthusiasm for bikes, community, and adventure is the driving force behind the success of this remarkable establishment.

 Kevin's love affair with cycling began at an early age. From his first pedal strokes, he found solace and joy in the freedom and thrill that being on a bike provided. Over the years, his passion grew, and he realized that cycling was not just a personal hobby but also a means to bring people together. This realization led him to co-found Grizzly Cycles, a hub that not only sells bikes but also fosters a sense of community among riders.

 One of the standout qualities that sets Kevin apart is his deep understanding of the ever-changing world of cycling. With an insatiable hunger for knowledge, he stays up to date with the latest trends, technologies, and gear. Whether it's the newest advancements in bike components or the emerging trends in urban cycling, Kevin is always well-informed and happy to share his insights with his customers. Walking into Grizzly Cycles, you will find Kevin eagerly discussing the pros and cons of different bike models, explaining the intricate workings of suspension systems, or even providing tips on proper bike maintenance. His expertise and willingness to educate others not only empower customers to make informed decisions but also contribute to the overall growth and knowledge-sharing within the cycling community.

 For Kevin, cycling is not just a means of transportation or exercise; it's a way of life. He exudes an infectious energy that inspires those around him to embrace the joy and freedom that cycling brings. Whether it's organizing group rides, hosting bikepacking workshops, or simply sharing stories of his own cycling adventures, Kevin's goal is to spread the stoke and ignite a lifelong passion for biking in others.

As the cycling world continues to evolve, Kevin is always ready for the adventures that lie ahead. With an eye for innovation and a commitment to providing the best possible experience for his customers, he ensures that Grizzly Cycles remains at the forefront of the industry. From gravel rides to mountain bike shred sessions, Kevin's passion for exploring new trails never stops!


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