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22 Jan 2024

Say Hello to the Teravail Oxbow

Say Hello to the Teravail Oxbow
Three cyclists on mountain bikes loaded with gear ride on a hilly gravel trail

Your favorite plus-size off-road tire — formerly known as Coronado — is now named Oxbow.

What’s an oxbow?
The Oxbow name comes from the natural phenomenon of oxbow lakes. An oxbow lake occurs when a winding, meandering river finds a shorter, straighter course that cuts off a loop, forming a lake that’s shaped like horseshoe or oxbow.

An aerial view of land and water topography with an oxbow formation

We think this new name fits what the tire is meant to do: wander on terrain that varies from soft lowlands to loose, rugged tracks. This tire’s size (27.5 x 3.0″″ or 29 x 2.8″″) also gives it ox-like traction, so you’ll find yourself pedaling more and walking less on soft surfaces.

Adam's Surly bike is resting agains a railing overlooking water. It is packed with gear.
Three cyclists shown from afar ride in a line on a dirt road on mountain bikes packed with gear.

Why the name change?
Our tire names often come from specific trails or terrain they’re suited for. The original Coronado name was inspired by the Coronado National Forest in southern Arizona. Unfortunately, that forest is named after Francisco Vázquez de Coronado, a Spanish explorer who committed horrible acts of violence against indigenous people in his expedition to America in the mid-16th century. Knowing this, we will not continue to dignify the Coronado name with our products.

While we weren’t aware of this connection when we named the tire Coronado, we should have been. We’re grateful for everyone who reached out to let us know about this, held us accountable, and gave us some creative DIY ideas for fixing the issue. Have your own DIY ideas for re-naming your Coronado tires? Grab a permanent marker and tag us in your photos so we can see.

A digital illustration showing step 1, which is crossing out the name "Coronado" on the tire
A digital illustration showing step 2, which is writing the name "oxbow" on the tire
A closeup of a tire sidewall, where the name "Coronado" has been changed to "Corndog" with a marker
Photo Credit: Bailey Newbrey at Sincere Cycles


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Two Teravail Oxbow tires are shown side by side. One with a tan sidewall and the other black..
Original Content courtesy of Teravail Tires
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