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Tire Pressures with Mike Levy from Pinkbike!

Tire Pressures with Mike Levy from Pinkbike!

By: Kevin Talley Comments: 0

Have you ever had a question about the perfect tire pressure? Take a few minutes and watch this video that Pinkbike put out and learn a few things!



What's The Deal With Tire Pressure?


While tire pressure isn't anywhere near as interesting as the latest downhill bike, impossibly light carbon wheels, or some battery-powered drivetrain, the boring truth is that's far more important. None of the latest and greatest gear will save your ass if you're way out to lunch when it comes to tire pressure. And if that describes you, the best-case scenario is that you're not getting the most from your expensive bike. Maybe you'll need to buy a new tire or rim. Worst case? You end up on the ground, possibly even injured, and all because you didn't check your tire pressure.

Today's Explainer covers the basics of tire pressure, and we'll talk about why you should care, what you should look for, and I'll try to convince you to finally buy (and use) a pressure gauge.


Originally Posted at Pinkbike

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