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18 Nov 2021

Vital MTB Reviews Spinergy MXX 30 Wheelset!

Vital MTB Reviews Spinergy MXX 30 Wheelset!


When it comes to carbon wheels, manufacturers are all faced with the same conundrum. Carbon fiber rims can be lighter and stronger than their aluminum counterparts, but that strength comes at a cost; ultra stiffness. Spinergy offers a unique design solution to help take the harshness out of carbon hoops. Their patented spoke technology, PBO for short, is not new. Their intended purpose is two-fold: to reduce weight and damp vibration. Spinergy has long applied this Zylon fiber technology to their lineup of road bike wheels and more recently to gravel and XC options. Vital got a first look at them and then took them out for some proper ripping to see if the MXX 30 wheelset lives up to the hype.




  • Forgiving ride quality
  • Lighter weight
  • Quick rear-hub engagement
  • Lower priced than competitors


  • Centerlock rotor mount only
  • Not the strongest warranty







  • Carbon rims, PBO spokes, aluminum alloy hubs
  • 29-inch or 27.5-inch offerings
  • 30mm inner width
  • 27mm rim profile
  • 28-spoke, two cross layup
  • Two year warranty against defects
  • Intended use: all-mountain
  • Weight: 1690 grams (as tested)
  • MSRP $1,399 USD


Long Term Durability

Did we mention that we sent these wheels off of everything we could find? Not so much as a wobble. They may be bombproof. We only had the MXX 30’s for 30 days but managed to ride them plenty and were given no cause for concern about their durability or reliability. Again, Spinergy only offers a two-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects, that does not cover damages incurred from use. However, they do have a no-fault replacement policy allowing customers to return wheels, damaged or not, for a discount on a new set.

What's The Bottom Line?

After a long hiatus, Spinergy has reentered the mountain bike market with a lightweight and very capable 30mm carbon wheelset. The proprietary PBO spokes undoubtedly improve the ride characteristics and could reduce fatigue so you can take an extra lap. We rode these wheels hard and they did not waiver a bit. The damping might not be all that necessary on a bike that has 160mm of front and rear travel. On the other hand, they might be the perfect wheelset to compliment an all-mountain hardtail. At $1399 they are priced competitively and are available in all kinds of spoke colors.

Read the Full Review over at Vital MTB 

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