B17 Standard Saddle


Naturally Timeless. Made By Hand. Shaped By You.

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  • Our best-selling model for over 100 years, the B17 is the ideal bicycle saddle for commuting, gravel, road cycling and touring + trekking use. Made in England.

    Durable Vegetable Tanned Leather


    Only the finest premium vegetable tanned leather for strength, beauty and durability.

    Extended 10-Year Guarantee


    The Brooks extended 10-year guarantee on all our leather saddles is founded on the quality and consistency of materials and the exceptional work of our craftspeople.

    Handcrafted Since 1866


    Our workshops have been crafting Brooks iconic leather saddles for more than 150 years.

    Lasting Comfort & Breathability


    Leather is a naturally breathable material that provides a unique type of well-being. The leather top is suspended over the saddle rail to create a suspended moulded seat, similar to a hammock, for tailored lasting comfort.

    Shapes Over Time


    Journey after journey, our leather naturally moulds to the unique shape of the rider for a more comfortable ride.

    L 275 x W 175 x H 65
    Weight: 520 g
    • Durable, 5mm thick, Vegetable Tanned Leather
    • Tubular steel rivets
    • Distinctive side stamp
    • Iconic Brooks backplate
    • Cycling in the city
    • Travelling the globe
    • Gravel & Bikepacking
    • Road cycling
    Steel rail with black powder coating
    Vegetable tanned leather top
    Tubular steel rivets
    Angled riding position
    Our best-selling model for over 100 years, the B17 is the ideal bicycle saddle for commuting, gravel, road and touring use. A supremely comfortable saddle thanks to its flexible, hammock-like, performance that moves with every pedal stroke, the B17 is a bike seat designed for the 60° angled riding position. Handmade in England from beautiful and durable 100% vegetable tanned leather that will mould and shape individually to each rider, the B17 is finished with premium steel rivets and undercarriage.



    Maintaining your Saddle will ensure that it becomes comfortable and durable. Proofide is the ONLY substance that should be used to care for your leather saddle. Carefully formulated from special ingredients to condition, preserve and showerproof, helping protect the leather supple and to keep it supple. With regular use, your saddle will adapt to your body and retain its beauty, comfort and support. A new saddle should be treated at least once to help to assist the ‘breaking-in’ process and protect the saddle against the elements. Never apply Proofide to a wet saddle. Apply a small amount of Proofide to the finished top side of the leather, allowing it to permeate until dry. Polish off completely with a soft cloth to avoid getting any residual Proofide on your clothes. Also apply Proofide to the underside of the saddle. Leave this coating on to protect against dirt and moisture. Proofide may be used several times during the ‘breaking-in’ period and periodically thereafter. Do not overuse. After the break-in period, it is normal and proper to tension the saddle to retain its shape and comfort. To tension the leather top, turn the nose bolt nut clockwise, 90° at a time, checking after each turn until the desired tension is reached. You can use this tension spanner or an Allen key.

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