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      Warwick Tire

      $ 85.00 Excl. tax Please call for availability
      Today we welcome Warwick, the newest tire in our off-road lineup.... Show more
      15 variations Type : 29 x 2.5 Tubeless Folding Black Durable Grip Compound

      Product description

      Inspired by our experiences riding a mix of modern XC, flow, and enduro trails, Warwick is designed for potent traction through rock gardens, root knots, and loose climbs and corners, without feeling sluggish on flow sections.


      How did we do it? Warwick’s center tread has angular lugs with stepped front faces and a firmer rubber for rolling efficiency. The side lugs are tall, angular, and spaced-out, with an open transition area and softer rubber for exceptional grip where the trail gets technical.

      Mountain biker riding in forest catching air off jump doing one-footed table-top

      Because everyone has different terrain and riding styles, Warwick comes with options: 27.5" or 29" sizes; Fast or Grip compounds; and our Light & Supple, Durable, or Ultra-Durable casings. We also offer Warwick in a tan sidewall in Light & Supple or Durable constructions.


      Teravail Warwick tire image showing both tread view and side view on white background


      Teravail’s 60 TPI Durable casings feature a robust woven nylon composite reinforcement in the sidewall between the outer rubber and the inner casing to prevent tearing and abrasions, and a fine nylon weave under the tread cap to defend against punctures. The 60 TPI Ultra-Durable casing provides everything in our durable construction, plus an extra ½ ply of 120 TPI nylon for sidewall protection and extra puncture defense in the tread cap, and butyl inserts to further strengthen the sidewalls of the tire.

      Warwick Tire
      $ 85.00
      Excl. tax
      Warwick Tire
      Type : 29 x 2.5 Tubeless Folding Black Durable Grip Compound
      Please call for availability
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